Useful Hints & Tips

When using more than one tin of the same ready mixed colour check that the batch numbers are the same. If not then mix the tins together before use. This also applies to multiple cans of tinted paint.

Although touch dry in two hours, if possible allow four hours drying time between coats.

For the best results always use the best products and tools available.

When using a roller attach an extension pole, it will be the best decorating purchase you make.

To save time, load your brush with paint and wrap in cling film overnight. Also in the same way wrap roller heads in a plastic bag.

Always store unused paint for later touch ups – Clean the lip of the can and lid, make sure the lid is firmly back on, turn upside down to prevent any air entering the can and store in a warm dry place. (not the shed)

Keep a detailed list of all the paint colours, brands and finishes used throughout your home for ease of identification at a later date.

(The information given is for guidance only. You should always follow instructions on the label, and seek your own independent advice)